I think genealogy and family pictures go hand in hand, here not only can you do this but I have created an area where we can collaborate on projects and share this with our members.
Learning of long forgotten family stories are priceless.
I love finding a new relatives and linking them to a photograph brings the story to life, many of these pictures stimulate long dormant memories so hopefully there are more to come!
You are welcome to join!
There are 3 areas that you can freely register, it may be a good idea to keep your same username and password for these so login is easy.
I wish you all the best and Recall happy memories!

Memories Recalled - Interactive Tree

  Register here to view this tree, depending on your role you can contribute by adding your family information, along with learning about your family, and help in researching.


Memories Recalled - Photo Gallery

  Register here to view and contribute to the photo gallery.
I love finding a new relatives and linking them to a photograph it brings the story to life.
Many of these pictures stimulate long dormant memories. I am currently adding old photos here so there are more to come for sure!
You are welcome to add your own galleries here, the main theme are older photographs, and scanned negatives.


Memories Recalled - The Bar

  Register here to share files, chat, post any findings of research, and project collaboration The options here are abundant, create new projects, share calendars, files, post news, messaging in the forum, etc. I am currently posting documents, such as birth certificates, obituaries, census reports, gravestones and much more to come!