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Deepest root found in the Altgelt family
April 24, 2017 - 10:45:08 p.m.

Alice Esther Outcalt



Alice Esther Outcalt (1890-1963)

My Great Grandmother descendent of the Altgelt family.







Henne Altgelt was born in 1404 in Siegen Germany and died in 1460.
Through many publications and work from different sources I found links to this family which has a rich history in Siegen.
I have found various publications of this family of whom are reverands and a Mayor of Siegen.

Here a story of Godert Altgelt (1425-1464) 
Translation from Spanish:

He was born about 1425. Member of the brotherhood [guild] of bakers, he helped his mother when she took over the bakery at the death of her husband. She was a member in turn of the brotherhood [guild] of bakers (1455/56).

He married Hille (Helle, Hylle) Scholle, born in Siegen between 1425 and 1430, daughter of Henne Scholle, butcher by profession, and died in Siegen between 1489 and 1490. Godert died in Siegen between 1455 and 1464. When his mother Else died Godert and Hille became members of the brotherhood [guild]of bakers (1464 to 1490).

He lived for a time in Wetfelergassen (1467 to 69) where he had bought a farm. Hille returned to Siegen in 1470 and lived there until her death between 1489 and 1490.

His children were all born and died in Siegen.

Here a story of Henne's grandson Conne Altgelt (1450-1538)

He was born in Siegen around 1445-1450. Citizen and member of the brotherhood of bakers in this town, lived with his mother in the [Casa del Ciervo], regarded as the ancestral home of the Altgelt. The chronicles of the time the place next to the main market around 1404; for 1470 it was was known as Henchen zum Hirtze. He is also known as Kono or Koen Aldegelts.

The house had apparently been heritage of the family for generations. It was rather an inn bordering a brewery. According to tax records of the time, it must have been one of the most expensive properties in Siegen, as it was valued at more than double the house following her. The old [Casa del Ciervo], opposite the city hall and public library now, was demolished after World War II to make way for a modern shopping. Excavations revealed different objects (such as cups and plates) and family-related writings. For example, there is a letter signed by a written in Latin and is now on display at the Museum of Siegen Altgelt. Conne died in Siegen between 1519 and 1523. He had married a woman of unknown name who had at least three children, all born and died in Siegen.

Just read on...

Erwin Katzwinkel wrote : "Again and again in works of genealogy we encounter the description patriarchal 'dynasties' where you aver that a family maintained a profession for many generations... but no family has as legitimate a right to this word as the clan Altgelt which in 300 years begat about 20 pastors, of which 10 were in the pulpit of the Evangelical church in Altenkirchen circle from 1603 until 1898. They also served in Altenkirchen 1637-58, 1736-75, 1753-66, 1762-71 Birnbach, Daaden 1778-1883, Flammersfeld 1815-33, 1863-65 Gebhardshain, Mehren 1697-1714, 1766-1804, 1762-1775 Schönberg, 1797 Wissen -1815 and 1860-1865."

Adds the Rev. Martin Sinemus: "The pastors of the Altgelt dynasty come from Siegen. The dynasty consisted of 19 pastors and theologians, most of whom played a part in the territories of the Rhine... For more than 360 years there arrived in each Altgelt generation a pastor whose name may be translated as 'Oldest worth!'. From John E. Campbell, correspondent, note of July 1, 2013

I have added all this information to this website and all stories can be read here in the notes tab of each memeber, however, you can follow many stories and generations of this family at Find a Grave Website.

Need to find Frank E. Shemonek's origin - Canadian Passenger Lists
October 5, 2016 - 6:26:25 p.m.

With the help of Florence Brown I have discovered this!

This is the ship manifest for Fraz Simonek (Frank E. Schimoneck) <- clickable link.

Franz sailed on the ship, Neckar - leaving Brennan Germany on June 18 1895 and arriving at New York on June 28 1895

  • Simonek, Franz
  •                Anna
  •                Rosalie
  •                Andrais (brother)

They traveled from New York to Milwakee, Wisconson and up to Niche ND into Manitoba - info from Emil Schimonek
The manifest can be found here on the site.

passenger list - found going through missing records from Ellis Island at Jewishgenealogy.com  - record hard to read
set up at bottom page - date June 12 1895 - series M237 - Roll 643 - frame 774 - press 'display' NOT enter

Welcome to my Family Tree!
October 1, 2016 - 11:22:28 a.m.

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This web site covers a number of families, the main ones are Outcalt / Altgelt, Borchert, Shemonek, Bobert, Mattson, Braun, Schulz, Von Rath, these being all of my great grandparents.

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